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10 Ways to Change Your Life

Updated: Jul 20, 2021


Sharing ideas and inspiration and new ways you can change your life for the better… A lot of us are motivated to change, but how do we make that change and where do we start? I hope you're ready to commit to positive change. Remember all change begins with a small step!

I recently got married last month! And this new and very exciting change prompted me to think of new ways to express myself. I decided writing a blog was a great way to begin this new chapter in my life. Writing a blog would be a chance for me to reflect and consider how I want to evolve by reinvesting in myself.

A healthy marriage is one that is grounded in many things, but one of the most important aspects is a healthy sense of self. When making any new changes to oneself, the first step is awareness of what needs to be changed, the second step is to find your inspiration and the third is to commitment to make that change. Change is hard but very rewarding. So, let's get started!


After thinking of the areas in my life that I wanted to change, I compiled the following list:


1. Healthier Eating Habits

2. Routines

3. Traveling

4. Reading

5. Decluttering

6. Deepen Relationships

7. Be Vulnerable

8. Cut Out Bad Habits

9. Forgiveness

10. Be More Present in Your Life

Coming Soon!

Look out for my upcoming blogs that will focus on how I implemented THE TOP TEN WAYS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Until then, keep shining your bright light! Speak to you soon! Shannon of Ana Olivette


Click here for my Daily Planner:

Ana Olivette Daily Planner
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