Monthly Plan With Me – May 2021🌷

Updated: May 15

Hey loves, it's Shannon of Ana Olivette. Since the last time I wrote I thought about a new cool concept of organization which will be helpful for me to keep track of my goals and hold me accountable. Each month we will plan out our month and reflect back on the previous month.

Today we're going to reflect on April and then plan May. Here are some prompts and you can plan with me and then later on I'll share some responses to the prompts. So, let’s get started:

Lets Reflect on April!

  1. Described April in one word.

  2. Rate from 1 to 10. How much do you agree with the statement, “This month I took steps to get closer to my goals and authentic life”?

  3. List your highlights from the month.

  4. What is one thing you have learned?

  5. What is one thing you are proud of?

  6. How can you improve for next month?

  7. Bonus question: If I could go back in time one year and tell myself one thing what would I say?

Let's Plan for May!

  1. First set your intention for May. May will be….

  2. What are your top three goals for May?

  3. What are your mini goals?

  4. Make a weekly breakdown of goals.

  5. Input into your calendar so that you see it and get it done! 😊

Described April in one word:

My monthly review for April in one word would be progress. I feel like I made a lot of progress by creating a lot of content for my new shop, my blog and on social media. I launched my Etsy shop, which was fun but tons of work. Thankfully, things are flowing nicely now. I'm getting ready for a busy product development season, which includes a lot of new exciting items to be added to my shop over time.

Rate from 1 to 10. How much do you agree with the statement, “This month I took steps to get closer to my goals and authentic life”?

I rate this month as in nine since there's always room for improvement but overall this month I took many steps to get closer to my goals and authentic life. I feel accomplished and motivated to continue to create my authentic dream life.

List your highlights from the month:

Some of the highlights for this month are launching my new Etsy shop. My Etsy shop sells trendy t-shirts and accessories. I custom create the shirts myself. This is one of the most exciting and fulfilling things I've ever done. I feel inspired to create and use my love of crafting in this new endeavour.

William’s soccer season started. I ended up volunteering for his team as a coach to help him transition better. He’s been home with me this year and is a bit nervous to play. Feeling comfortable to socialize will take some time. All children acclimate differently and it's always best to listen to them.

I returned to teaching in person which has been a bittersweet experience. I love being back at work with my team and my students but I’m missing my time that I’m used to spending with William as well. I’m so grateful to be able to spend this time with William. It has been invaluable to me since I haven't been able to be with him on a full time basis since he was one year old. Returning back to work has been great. I've really missed seeing my students and team over this year. Although it’s not the same, I still get so many of the perks of watching an amazing team work together to support each other so that our students can grow no matter the situation. I've also loved returning back to my commute because it gives me time to be alone and listen to podcasts, scripture, or any content that I'd like to learn about. I am currently learning about food, nutrition and my relationship to food.

Another highlight this month is, I began a new plan to help me learn to make better eating choices through a company called Optavia ( The plan helps you to learn about food and your habits of eating and living a healthier life. I have an awesome coach and community that is supportive and motivating me to make changes in my life. Due to my Lynch Syndrome diagnosis last year, I decided to take this new step with Optavia to make sure I show myself and my body some love.

Lastly, I was able to spend time with my parents and family which has been priceless. Family is very important to me and being able to share in new memories has made me feel a bit more whole.

What is one thing you have learned?

One thing I learned in April is that work life balance is important but its critical when you are running a business, work full time and you’re a mom. So that’s an area Ray and I will be working on. Bless his heart, he has been so understanding and supportive during my Etsy shop launch. It has given me more motivation to get things done. We are a team and I know he is supporting me in my creativity and in my healing which is why I married him (smile).

What is one thing you are proud of?

One thing I am proud of for the month of April is obviously launching my Etsy shop. I am proud that I stayed up numerous nights working on my business and when it got tough, I didn’t give up. Also more importantly is my drive to educate myself about C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Disorder), how to heal from it and how to help others. I have this driving passion to heal myself finally of this horrible disorder and to help as many people as I can. It is the driving force behind Ana Olivette, my blog, my Etsy shop and my journey with Optavia (

How can you improve for next month?

I can improve this month by planning out my months and reflecting on the past month. This new exercise is going to help me see areas where I need to grow and areas where I am excelling.

Bonus question: If I could go back in time one year and tell myself one thing what would I say?

I would tell myself, “Everything will be fine. You will find a deeper purpose and a true love for yourself. You are getting married and starting a business! You are strong and amazing. God has your back.” 😊

Now Let's May!

First set your intention for May:

May will be amazing and full of growth. In May the flowers are in full bloom and the sun shines brighter each day. I’m going to use that energy to continue to work on self-love by doing my morning routine which consists of journaling my fears and resentments (, reading scripture, stretching and easing into my day with my gratitude list. May will be full of positive energy, growth and optimism.

What are your top three goals for May?

My top three goals are to work on my Etsy shop and blog, continue working on my health with the Optavia program and planning out birthdays, graduations and end of year teacher duties for June.

What are your mini goals?

My mini goals are to reach out to my girlfriends more to show them love and support, the plant flowers with William, go on some hikes with Pongo and have a date night with my husband.

I made a weekly breakdown of goals in my monthly planner and now it’s time to get it all down. 😊

Let me know your thoughts on this new monthly planning process and if it helps you. I look forward to hearing your responses. Until next time continue to shine your light bright!

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