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Updated: Apr 1, 2021


Hi loves! This is Shannon of Ana Olivette again and I’d like to thank you for coming back to read my blog. Since the last time I wrote I've gone through a whole ordeal of how to begin working on my “New Life”. I couldn’t decide where to start and I thought, who would listen? What should it sound like? Etc., You get the gist! I was way too much in my head and I decided to just DO IT!

So here we are again! Taking another stab at it. This mindset, is exactly why I am starting this blog! I want to make some changes to my life and this blog will hold me accountable. Also, I will be able to see my growth as I journey along on this new exciting adventure.

If you know me, then you know I am a huge procrastinator. Also, I have been a person who has had a hard time with organization throughout my life. My sister is the person who always motivates me to do these types of things. I thought to myself, why does she always have to motivate me? When do I motivate her? (Food for thought: Do you have any relationships like this?). I decided it was my turn to do this for myself. I’ve decided to begin with Spring cleaning and decluttering the house. What a wonderful way to begin this new life! Well, that’s what I thought, but my habits decided something totally different. Of course, when I began I became totally overwhelmed and decided to just think about Spring and what it Spring means to me. Since I know I can't change everything all at once, this month is going to be about what I can control and how I can add brightness to my life. After all, it is Spring!

The month of March is all about focusing on what I can control. Since inner peace is about being able to adapt to changes in the external world. I’m going to work on the MOST important external factor in my life which is my home. I decided to think about what I do when I'm getting ready for Spring. The season of Spring brings such a sense of rebirth. The days begin to get longer and more sunshine brightens up our lives. The trees and flowers wake up and blossom around us showing us it's time to get out of hibernation mode.

So Let’s Go!

Books I will be reading this Spring Season:

Honestly, there’s no greater feeling than reading a good book. In the past, I have read using my iphone as well as a Kindle. In my opinion, nothing compares to the feel and the smell of a book. Reading has always been a place where I can find peace from all the happenings of life. Below are the three books I picked for this Spring season. All can be purchased on Amazon. The links are listed below each title.

1. The New Kings James Version, Woman’s Study Bible

You can purchase on Amazon here:

2. The Life Changing Habit of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

You can purchase on Amazon here:

You can read a sample here:

3. A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

You can purchase on Amazon here:

Maybe you can read along with me and we can discuss them.


Easter Planning

William (my 4-year-old son) and I decorated a cross for his room for Easter. We also went to Home Depot and purchased some lovely plants. We we will enjoy repotting and finding a good place for them around the house. I'm also thinking about my nephews (Aiden and Brendan) and how much I never get to see them because of Covid. I’m thinking up ways to connect with them. I think I'm going to go with William to the craft store and pick up some birdhouses that they can do with me over zoom. We painted some bird houses several years ago and had so much fun. It was really a huge success!

I was looking back at the pictures a couple days ago on Facebook and it was super cute. I'm going to try to see if I could get the older boys (Julian, 19 and Andrew, 17) to do it as well (wish me luck). I'm pretty good at getting them involved with the little ones. Hey, it takes a village to raise a family! Teaching them to be older role models in the lives of their younger brother and cousins is very important to me and the family. I have to say I am blessed to have two boys who have turned out to be quite loving and supportive. Although they are older and in a different season in their lives (Andrew is a senior in high school and Julian is a sophomore in college), they still enjoy spending time with their mom which to me says a lot. I'm not sure how long this is going to last, but I think I'm going to ride it all the way out to the end.

In my next issue: SIGNS YOU MIGHT NEED TO DECLUTTER, I will be sharing pictures of how things look before I begin my Spring decluttering process. I can't wait to see how this all turns out! 😊

Until then loves, keep shining your bright light! Speak to you soon! Shannon of Ana Olivette

Click here for my Daily Planner:

Ana Olivette Daily Planner
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